The experts at RAKA and the products we offer can help you maximize your warehouse operations, safely and efficiently. Protecting your merchandise and your employees are equally important to ensure you are productive and profitable. At RAKA we offer a multitude of warehouse equipment – forklifts, loaders, stackers, lifters – as well as the training necessary to ensure your employees maximize equipment usage.

Our warehouse analysis will also ensure you operate a consistent and efficient organization system, ensuring that the right products go where they need to go when they need to go there. Picking, or gathering products into shipments, can take up a large amount of your workers’ time. At RAKA we can help you have the necessary systems and products in place to capitalize on speed.




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Whether you need new, used or rental manufacturing machinery, RAKA has the large selection of high-quality equipment you’re looking for. Our inventory includes:

  • Order pickers: If you require low-level, second-level, medium-level or high-level picking, RAKA has a variety of models to fit the bill.
  • Reach trucks: Reach trucks are excellent for higher-level operations that require extended lift heights. They give operators the ability to pack goods all the way to roof level for maximum storage density.
  • Pallet trucks and stackers: Small and compact, pallet trucks and stackers are ideal for moving pallets and other loads at ground level. Some models also feature high lift heights for increased versatility.

All of our manufacturing equipment is designed to increase your productivity and efficiency, helping you get more done better and in less time. To make sure we supply you with only the best equipment, we stock machines from top manufacturers like Cat® Lift Truck, Jungheinrich and other companies that produce the best equipment available.


RAKA offers more than just equipment. We also provide our customers with the support services they need to keep that equipment running smoothly. Our skilled shop and field technicians perform essential tasks like planned maintenance and repair. Whether you need fluid analysis or a replacement part, they have the expertise to identify any equipment issues and provide solutions.

We also know that when emergencies happen, help can’t wait. Our field technicians can come to your job site to fix the machine quickly and reduce your downtime. What’s more, our 24-hour parts availability with OEM and aftermarket options from all the top brands means you can trust any replacement part from us to work well.


Maintaining a fleet of high-quality warehouse equipment is essential, but with the changing needs of your business and cash flow, it can be tough to determine the best option. At RAKA, you can search our large inventory of machines to find both new and used models for sale, as well as many rental options that are ideal for temporary projects. In the decision-making process, you can enlist the help of our skilled representatives, who will help you find the best solutions.

When you buy from us, you’ll benefit from a range of financing choices with manageable loan payments that fit within your budget. We also offer warranties to provide extra protection on each investment.

If you choose a rental machine, you’ll find that we offer competitive rates and flexible terms with daily, weekly, monthly and long-term lease options.

Whether you buy or rent, you can choose from a premium selection of equipment from top brands like Jungheinrich, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a reliable solution from a trusted manufacturer.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your warehouse efficiency, RAKA can help. We perform a thorough analysis of your warehouse operations, providing you with clear efficiency metrics and identifying areas for improvement.

We observe your daily operations to understand things like your use of resources, pace and employee conduct. We also analyze your data on inventory stock, quality control and order information to provide an accurate efficiency assessment. We then compare our findings to industry best practices and your goals to give you the information you need to develop more effective warehouse fleet management strategies.

Learn more about our warehouse needs analysis and schedule your review today.


When you partner with RAKA, you’ll gain access to a vast equipment inventory featuring new, used and rental options as well as a knowledgeable partner who can provide the support you require. Whether you need help finding the right machine or maintenance and repair for your equipment, RAKA offers the essential services that will keep your fleet in top condition and give your business a competitive edge.

We help you save money with competitive prices and financing options that work for your budget. The machines in our inventory also have built-in cost-saving features that maximize your productivity while minimizing your expenses. Our maintenance, repair and analysis services help make your machines and operations more efficient for even more cost savings.

Browse our selection of warehouse solutions or contact us today for more information.