A warehouse needs analysis can determine the status of your operation including areas of opportunity. With a warehouse analysis, RAKA performs a systematic review of the warehouse functions looking for possible improvements in efficiency and servicing, placing a strategic eye on use of distribution center space, throughput and capacity of order processing and reducing steps.


RAKA’s analysis of your operations may contain a general observation period that will provide clarity on critical areas of focus. Our experience with many facilities provides us with a baseline for operational excellence. We observe congestion, employee conduct, use of resources and tools, pace and other factors.

RAKA will also analyze your own research and data points of stock, retrieval, quality, inventory control, etc. and observations as well as perform staff interviews to close any gaps in information. We’ll compare all this data not only with your desired level of attainment but also industry best practice. Common metrics to consider include:

  • Total warehouse cost per order
  • Units per man hour
  • Outbound Shipping costs
  • Orders and Net Sales $’s per square foot of warehouse space
  • Orders per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Service Level
  • Order turnaround time
  • Order and inventory accuracy
  • Space Utilization

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