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5 Tips for Reducing Warehouse Picking Error Rates

Order picking is a significant part of the order fulfillment process and greatly impacts your customers’ experience with your company. When mistakes happen, which they inevitably will, customers could end up enduring delays, receiving the wrong items or not receiving their order at all. High warehouse picking error rates can lead to you spending more time and money looking for solutions instead of fulfilling orders. 

So, how can you reduce your picking errors? Using these five tips can help. 

Tip 1: Use Barcode Scanners

Using handheld scanners streamlines the process of finding and picking the right items. Instead of spending time reading labels, which increases the risk of human error, these scanners make it easy to confirm the correct item is selected. If a person scans the wrong item, an alert will pop up on the scanner’s screen, alerting them to the mistake and making it easy to fix. 

Tip 2: Continuously Evaluate Your Performance

Without evaluating your strategy, customer reviews or accuracy rates, you may not realize an opportunity to increase efficiency and improve your customer relations. Assessing your performance can also help to identify any areas that are causing problems, whether it’s a human picker or an ineffective part of your process. 

Tip 3: Implement a Warehouse Management System

Pickers often encounter the items they need in the wrong locations. A warehouse management system (WMS) is a helpful way to automate part of your process and make it easier to find an item’s location. A WMS system can decrease delays and improve efficiency.

Tip 4: Eliminate Needless Walking Around Your Warehouse

If your facility lacks proper organization, you might find that your pickers spend more time walking to where the items are located than picking what they need. They will grow tired when searching on foot, leading to more mistakes on the job. You can limit this travel by utilizing carton flow racks and intelligent materials storage. You’ll create a safer, more productive and more straightforward workflow. 

Tip 5: Regular Inventory Checks

If your facility experiences high error rates because the items are in the wrong locations, it may be time to schedule routine checks. Your pickers may be doing everything they’re supposed to, but when errors occur during replenishment, mistakes are bound to happen. These regular checks allow staff to locate improperly stored items and move them before impacting the customer. 

Decrease Your Error Rates With RAKA 

From routine checks and counting to reconfigurations and automation, there are many ways to reduce picking error rates in your warehouse. Whether you’re looking for an overhaul or minor tweaks, you can make a world of difference and improve your customers’ experience. 

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