Your material handling capabilities are directly linked to the health and condition of your fleet of equipment. Having access to the right lift truck parts and service at the right time can help you keep your machines on the job and help you avoid unproductive downtime.

When part of your fleet needs repairs, you have one less resource for your business. At RAKA, we know how important it is to get your lift trucks back in working order. That’s why we offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and planned maintenance programs. Make your downtime as short as possible with RAKA’s maintenance and repair solutions.


RAKA offers forklift parts through five portals:

  • OEM parts: Giving you access to OEM parts ensures a better fit than generic brands. We distribute OEM forklift parts to help you repair your equipment, save time and improve the performance of your machine.
  • The Parts Store: You can create an account for our Parts Store to place orders online.
  • Aerial equipment: If you need a replacement part for your aerial equipment, find it at a RAKA location near you.  We’ll even deliver your replacements for you.
  • Promatch: RAKA’s Promatch parts program caters to any lift truck operator, regardless of brand. Single sourcing your equipment parts is crucial for efficient repairs.
  • Parts catalog: We offer specialized mail order parts for your more obscure equipment needs. Access our catalog online for parts and other items, such as hand trucks and storage.


The key to short downtimes and low repair costs for machines in your fleet is preventative maintenance. How many times have you taken a lift truck in for a repair and discovered multiple underlying issues? Regular maintenance catches problems as they develop — before they become severe or damage other parts of the machine. Maintaining your fleet will also help your equipment perform more efficiently.

Preventative maintenance happens on a schedule that reflects how much you use your equipment and what you do with it. We’ll avoid disrupting your business operations as much as possible. RAKA offers three planned forklift service programs:

  • General preventative maintenance: Customers in any industry enjoy the benefits of comprehensive maintenance services. This plan has three goals. First, we provide information about your fleet’s operation. Our analysts will advise you on machine data and recommend fixes for early issues. Finally, we want to partner with you and customize our services to your needs.
  • Total maintenance and repair: Under these plans, RAKA provides scheduled maintenance and repair for a monthly price. Enjoy cost-effective service, fast emergency repairs and on-site service.
  • Lift truck planned maintenance: We customize our lift truck programs to help you get the most out of your equipment. We evaluate your operations and help you choose the optimal schedule to retain your business’s productivity.


RAKA’s professionals have the knowledge and passion to help you keep your fleet in optimal condition. From providing high-quality parts to performing routine services on your machines, our team is dedicated to keeping your equipment running. Contact us today for more information about our parts and service or call us at 402.279.4146.