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Jungheinrich is a German manufacturer of forklifts, warehouse navigation software and other material handling solutions. The company is known for its innovation and versatility — both critical factors in meeting the intralogistics challenges found in today’s warehouse environments.

Mitsubishi Logisnext is the exclusive distributor of Jungheinrich equipment in North America. This means that, in Nebraska as well as parts of Iowa and South Dakota, RAKA is your exclusive source for all of the company’s most recent products. Keep reading to learn more about Jungheinrich forklifts and warehouse navigation solutions, and the potential benefits they can have for your organization.


Jungheinrich products include counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks and more. Recently, the company introduced its ECE 227 XL / 236 XL NA center-control riders to the North American market. In keeping with the company’s ‘two shifts, one charge’ promise, the ECE series is one of the most energy-efficient on the market today.

RAKA offers the Jungheinrich ECE series in 6000 and 8000 lbs. capacity models. Both have a top speed of 8.7 mph, making them ideal for long-distance applications. Key features of the ECE series include:

  • Proprietary three-phase AC technology: Delivers constant torque at low speeds and dependable power at high speeds. In a busy warehouse environment, this translates to faster acceleration and the ability to change directions quickly, which leads to increased productivity and lower operating costs.
  • Customizable workstations: Different environments have different working requirements. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all solution, ECE turret trucks let you customize the operator compartment to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Add on individually configured storage options, an adjustable stand-on platform and foldable seat, rubber bumpers for extra collision protection, or specialized controls that improve overall functionality.
  • Exceptional warranty options: Including standard one-year/2,000-hour coverage on all parts, labor, components and systems, and a two-year/4,000-hour extended powertrain plan.

The ECE series is just one example of the many quality Jungheinrich forklifts available from RAKA. Explore our current inventory of lift trucks, turret trucks and other products using the links on this page
. For more information or to arrange a demonstration at your convenience, please contact an office near you and speak with a sales representative directly.


Running an efficient warehouse requires more than just powerful lift trucks. In a competitive sector where even smallest improvements benefit your bottom line, taking advantage of advanced technology can be key to the ongoing success and sustainability of your business.

Jungheinrich warehouse navigation technology uses RFID technology to identify and track aisle locations and distances and communicate this information to a forklift’s internal computer. With it, machines automatically find the most efficient methods of traveling and lifting to reach a specific pallet position. Businesses can integrate Jungheinrich warehouse forklift technology with their existing management software for enhanced inventory control.

Jungheinrich warehouse navigation solutions deliver:

  • Improved order picking and stacking accuracy, even when retrieving items from high positions
  • Greater flexibility, thanks to the ability to reprogram RFID transponders when a warehouse’s layout changes
  • Safer working environments with fewer on-the-job accidents and less avoidable product loss

All told, these benefits will deliver up to a 25% increase in overall efficiency. If you’re considering a semi-automated warehouse solution, a RAKA representative can go over the numbers with you and show you how much you can expect to save.


Jungheinrich forklifts and warehouse navigation technology are ideal for use in a wide range of industries. For freight and logistics companies, they offer the advanced technology necessary to remain competitive. For retailers, their superior flexibility allows them to grow with your operation and respond to changes in your business needs.

For the paper industry, they offer the durability necessary to maintain uptime in hot and humid environments. For manufacturers, they are powerful enough to quickly move large components and heavy raw materials such as steel, concrete and glass.


RAKA is proud to offer our clients a carefully-chosen selection of the some of the best material handling solutions available today. Whether you are looking for a new turret truck to add to your fleet or are integrating advanced technology into your warehouse, we can help. We offer sales and long-term service support for everything we sell.

We have an extensive inventory of Jungheinrich turret trucks for sale as well as other advanced solutions from across the company’s main product verticals. Let us help you find the best combination of tools and technologies for your needs. Learn more about available Jungheinrich forklifts using the links on this page, or contact RAKA directly to request a consultation with one of our material handling experts.